Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We have done some research about textbook; how to select an appropriate and suitable for students. We have used an Arabic textbook, " Arabic Language of Communication for Form One Student " as our material. We divided into 3 criterias :

1) Organization

2) Content
3) Physical aspect

First, we describe about the organization of the textbook. The textbook provides useful contents and the arrangement is systematic and logical from easier to difficult. It has glossary and index to make the students and teacher understand the difficult word. One of the weakness is, this textbook do not provide introduction and summaries so the student have to read all the chapter to understand. every pages have numbered by two ways; number and words. So that, the students know how to spell and pronounce in Arabic.

Then, we moved to content aspect: the content of this book meet by local standard because it's only for Malaysian student. It is accurate up to date because the syllabus always change and according to this book, it is third edition. The writers and Ministry of Education always discuss how to improve the content from time to time. The student do not have to refer to another books because the contents are complete. Randomly, the grammatically are correct and clear for students. At the end of the lesson, it contains exercises such as quizzes, crossword and discussion in group to appeal abilities thinking that appropriate with mental development among student.

The last evaluation to ensure we are selecting appropriate textbook is based on the physical aspects. Size and weight's for this textbook are flexible. That means, easier for student to bring anywhere. But is not really appeal to the students because not all pages be coloured. However, the writers use relevant and functional illustration, figures and tables to give students clear visual about the topic that they have learned.